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Nausheen Zeri's Story

Nausheen Zeri is a professional diet planner since 2020. Starting from family diet planning to build diets for official clients, Zeri is on a journey towards making the people around her happier and healthier. 

On completing her diploma in nutrition, and diet planning from Fab Academy, Nausheen Zeri started her career online under the name of Diet Design.

Zeri specializes in:

- Diet Planning

- Weight Loss

- Weight Gain

- Intermittent Fasting

- Gut Health

- Fertility

- Food Tolerance and Allergy

- Diabetes

- Fat Loss and Muscle Building

- Women's Health

- Herbal Medicines 


Digestive Wellness

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Diets & Detoxing

Elimination Diets