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Are you facing difficulty conceiving?

Although there are various causes for infertility, the most common cause is egg quality degradation. This condition can be treated surgically, but some foods can help too. Following is the list of those foods. AVOCADO Vitamin E is highly beneficial to improve the uterine lining, and avocados are loaded with it. Avocados can also stabilize and protect cells from oxidation, making them one of the best fertility foods for women with PCOS or diabetes. Avocados have a positive effect on male fertility too. BEANS AND LENTILS Beans and lentils are rich in fibre and folate, due to which they are essential to maintain a healthy hormonal balance. Lentils also play a significant role in good ovulation and fertilization of the egg. NUTS AND DRY FRUITS Nuts and dry fruits are jam-packed with minerals, vitamins, and proteins, every one of which is necessary for a healthy fertility level. This makes the superfoods perfect for the job. SESAME SEEDS Sesame seeds are an essential source of calcium and iron and consist of high levels of protein. Conquering any iron deficiency can provide a fertile environment for the ova. Sesame seeds contain lignans and fatty acids that support the production of progesterone in the second half of the menstrual cycle. BERRIES Berries are known to be rich in high anti-inflammatory components and natural antioxidants, which greatly improve fertility in both sexes. They are also rich in folate and certain vitamins such as Vitamin C which is essential for healthy fetal growth during pregnancy. GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES Green leafy vegetables are rich in numerous minerals and nutrients that improve ovulation and increase the woman's libido. Vegetables with dark green leaves are rich in iron, which plays a significant role in keeping your blood haemoglobin level managed during menstrual cycles. GINGER For those who are suffering from PCOS or uterine cramping, ginger can be a remedy. It also helps with nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. CINNAMON Cinnamon is very useful in increasing the sperm count and its motility in men. In women, it can be used to treat PCOS and for help with irregular menstrual cycles. Cinnamon also helps strengthen the immune system and improve blood pressure levels. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, WATER If you wish to conceive, it is vital to drink lots of water as it helps flush out toxins from the kidneys. It also plays a significant role in keeping the cervical mucus of fertile quality. For a woman, a little more than two litres a day is recommended. And for a man, three litres.



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